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    When there is something on your property that absolutely needs to go, Demolition & Permits, Corp is the company to call.
    Whether you have a commercial or residential demolition project you need worked on, we will be there for you throughout the process.
    Whether asbestos is located in a small area or can be found throughout the entire building, if you don't want it on your property, it's our job to get rid of it.
    For fast demo permits and fast demo projects in Brooklyn, NY, call our demolition company today!
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Our Services

Building demolition
Building Demolition

Demolition is an important part of moving forward; in order to put a better, more modern house on your property, some quality demolition work is often required. At Demolition & Permits, Corp, we offer you the building demolition service you need to move out with the old and in with the new. We offer a variety of services for both residential and commercial demolition projects.

Asbestos removal
Asbestos Removal

Asbestos in your work or home environment can be extremely dangerous. Make sure you are protected from the life-threatening effects of asbestos by hiring Demolition & Permits, Corp for asbestos removal. Our staff will be able to identify and remove any asbestos remnants in your building.

Pool demolition
Pool Demolition

While pools are a popular option for many homeowners, there will always be those who tire of their presence in their backyard. The options are endless for what you can do with your property, and considering the space and upkeep required for a pool, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to want one removed. When you are tired of your old pool, call on us for reliable pool demolition.

Demolition permits
Demolition Permits

Demolition projects require the proper permitting, and we can help you apply and receive the permitting you need. When you are in need of demolition permits for a project in Brooklyn, NY, make sure we're the first ones you call. We are experts when it comes to the process of expediting permits, so we can make sure your application goes as quickly as possible.

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